Free 3mth line listing

Caring for wheelchair bound persons, families & airport transfers needing reliable drivers is how Maxi Taxi Service has developed.

Auto booking systems talking to a computer & not a person is failing us in the Maxi Taxi Service Market place, where human contact is of the utmost importance.

Travelers who use Multi Purpose Taxi’s to meet appointments have tight schedules whether it be to the Doctors, Hospital or Airport.

Maxi Taxi Service often find there services essential, so direct contact via a mobile is important for both the travelers & drivers. Taxi radio communications are not available when you are out of the vehicle assisting persons. This personal approach is how Maxi Taxi Services operate!

The Taxi industry must understand that drivers personal bookings are important to the drivers business.

Drivers reporting to Depots of pre-booked personal booking are already accepted by Taxi Depots whose booking services are monitored as is required by the Government.

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